Neon Green Star & Neon Pink Lace Heart Glow Pasties

Introducing our eye-catching Neon Green Star & Neon Pink Lace Heart Glow Pasties, the ultimate addition to elevate your festival attire. Manufactured from high-quality materials, each set includes one pair of irradiant neon green stars and one pair of enchanting neon pink lace hearts, ensuring that you stand out in the crowd.

Constructed from 100% polyester satin and 100% nylon lace, these pasties promise not just style but superior comfort and durability. Both pairs are designed latex-free and feature a self-adhesive backing that makes application simple and ensures they stay securely in place throughout the night–perfect for those endless hours of dancing and fun.

The magic really happens under black lighting where these pasties glow vibrantly, capturing the attention of everyone around and enhancing your electrifying presence at any EDM or EDC event. Imagine the stunning visuals as you dance under the festival lights, your pasties glowing in sync with the pulsating beats.

Perfect for your next festival, dance, EDM, or EDC event, these pasties are not just accessories but essentials that complete and complement any festive outfit. They are easy to apply and pain-free to remove, making them a practical choice for festival-goers who prioritize both style and functionality.

Whether you're dressing up for a rave or adding a touch of whimsy to a casual outing, these pasties ensure that your look is both unique and memorable. Elevate your festival style with Neon Green Star & Neon Pink Lace Heart Glow Pasties – where fashion meets fun at your next big event. Don't miss out; make your mark with these stunning accessories that promise to turn heads and make you the star of the show.

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